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7 Reasons Why Direct Marketing Is Effective In Driving Marketing ROI

direct marketing effectiveness

Savvy marketers always want to maximize their return on investment (ROI) by getting the biggest bang for their buck, but which approach is more effective – mass marketing or direct marketing? Mass marketing communicates to the widest possible group of people, hoping to catch the attention of consumers who want to buy something at just the right time. Direct marketing sends targeted messages directly to Read More →

5 ways to improve your Direct Mail Marketing ROI

direct mail marketing

When people speak about marketing in the modern age, digital strategies — particularly those with inbound marketing — tend to take center stage. That does not mean, however, that traditional direct mail options are now obsolete. In fact, about half of U.S. consumers have reported that they prefer direct mail over email, and 70 percent say they believe that snail mail is more personal than email. Not only is Read More →

5 Reasons You Should Add PURLs to Your Email Marketing

5 reasons to add purls to email marketing

Email marketing gives us ways to reach customers in more effective ways than ever before, especially when you personalize your efforts using PURLs (personalized URLs). These are unique URLs that are sent to each one of your recipients. If you aren’t using PURLs in your email campaigns, you are missing out on many benefits. A few of the reasons you should incorporate this valuable tool: 1. Give Read More →

How to Personalize your Marketing for the Fall

personalize your fall marketing

As we approach back to school sales and the holiday season, it is a perfect time to up your marketing game and personalize your marketing for the fall. This tactic increases your conversions and helps build stronger relationships. Here are a few ways to deploy personalization tactics: 1. Make your prospects feel special There are few sounds that we like as much as the sound of Read More →

5 Ways Call Tracking Improves Your Marketing Campaign

call tracking marketing

The old marketing saying, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” has been attributed to several people including John Wanamaker, a pioneering Philadelphia department store merchant in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and none other than Henry Ford himself. Whoever gets the credit, it still rings true in so many ways today, especially when Read More →

6 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need Personalized Landing Pages

personalized landing pages

The world of online marketing is becoming increasingly competitive as more and more companies struggle to gain the attention of their prospects. In fact, 90 percent of the world’s data has been created just in the past two years. Much of this production has been fueled by the growing attention paid to the role of websites and content marketing in building relationships with customers. As Read More →

2 Effective Outbound Strategies to Jumpstart Your Fall Marketing Campaign

Effective Outbound Strategies

With the crisp feel of fall in the air, it is a great time to review your company’s outbound direct marketing strategy for one last push before year-end. If your summer results were good, you certainly want to keep building on that momentum, but if leads slowed down a little, it is definitely time to get the marketing train back on the tracks. Keep the Read More →

6 Benefits of Incorporating SMS Into Your Marketing Campaign

Recieving sms messages from a marketing campaign

It’s said that behind every cloud there is a silver lining, and that is certainly true with the advent of mobile or digital technology. Everywhere you look, people are deeply engrossed in their smartphones, sending and receiving messages, or interacting on social media. While some might see an obsession, marketers see an opportunity to capitalize on this communication channel — a SMS marketing campaign. About SMS Read More →

8 Successful Ways to Build Your Email List

worker building his email list.

The more qualified prospects you have on your email list, the more effective your email marketing will be. Email marketing allows you to contact people in a way that is convenient for them and provides a high response rate for you. Employing these tips will help you build a large list of interested prospects: 1. Cultivate a strong social media presence. The people who have Read More →

Why Should You Invest in PURLs?

Mail piece and a Personalized URL

Direct mail can be made even more effective when it is combined with digital efforts such as personal URLs, known as PURLs. These are unique URLs that are given to each person who receives an offer. Visitors use unique URLs to connect to your landing page, which means that you see exactly who responds to your offer and how they behave once they visit your page. PURLs can Read More →