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Design Dynamic, Personalized Landing Pages With Easypurl’s Template Library

In a leap toward enhancing the landscape of multichannel marketing, Easypurl proudly introduces Easypurl 12.0, a game-changing version that puts the power of personalized landing Read More >

PURLs; QR Codes; Direct Marketing

Top 10 Benefits of Using PURLs and QR Codes in Direct Marketing

Savvy direct marketers are now taking their direct mail pieces to the next level by integrating PURLs and QR Codes to increase response, facilitate tracking, and amp Read More >

Human Engagement: Easypurl Makes Multichannel Campaign Creation Easier Than Ever.

Easypurl 12.0 puts the power of personalized landing page creation directly in the hands of marketing teams with no reliance on developers. New York, Jan. Read More >

Use PURLs for Auto Dealership

6 Reasons Why Your Auto Dealership Should Use PURLs

Since the record-setting pace of car sales in 2016 automobile industry experts are debating whether or not 2017 will be equally as strong. Local dealerships will Read More >

7 Things You Should A/B Test for your Email

If you are not analyzing your data, you are not getting the impact that you should out of your email marketing messages. Easypurl makes it easy Read More >

Inbound SMS Marketing

Easypurl is proud to announce its newest innovative feature, Inbound SMS Marketing – an effective medium for engaging with leads on a personal level. Take Read More >

6 Simple Ways to Use Images in Your Marketing

Images are one of the most important components of marketing. Between 65 to 85 percent of people identify as visual learners, according to Trend Report, Read More >

How to Optimize Email for Mobile

Are you tired of hearing about how it’s a mobile-dominated world nowadays? It may be a cliché but it is true, with 67 percent of Read More >

How to Avoid Over-Marketing

There is a fine line between effective marketing and intrusive marketing. On one hand, it’s important to maintain regular communication with your audience and constantly Read More >

Call tracking and IVR

Announcing Inbound Call Tracking with Easypurl – Connect Calls to Your Campaigns

Connect Calls to Your Campaigns with Easypurl What is Call Tracking? Easypurl is excited to unveil our latest integrated feature, Call Tracking. With Call Tracking, Read More >