PURLs; QR Codes; Direct Marketing

Top 10 Benefits of Using PURLs and QR Codes in Direct Marketing

PURLs; QR Codes; Direct Marketing

Savvy direct marketers are now taking their direct mail pieces to the next level by integrating PURLs and QR Codes to increase response, facilitate tracking, and amp up campaign effectiveness. These simple marketing tactics can increase results dramatically, and lead to improved one-on-one communication capabilities.

A PURL, or Personalized URL, is a unique and personalized web address which is created for each target customer or prospect who will receive a marketing communication such as a direct mail piece or an email. It contains each recipient’s name inside a web address reserved exclusively for them.

QR, or Quick Response, Codes are handy tools which are all personalized as well, to engage targets with unique and individualized offers. They contain the same link and give recipients a fast, easy way to access their PURL by simply scanning them using a smartphone. Upon scanning their personalized QR Code (or entering their PURL address), each recipient is directed to a personalized landing page which incorporates the design and tone of the direct mail piece — maintaining brand consistency and a unified experience across channels.

Here are the top ten benefits of using PURLs and personalized QR Codes together to give a powerful boost to your direct marketing campaigns:

  1. Ease of use: PURLs and QR codes lead your targets to a personalized, dynamic landing page with a custom greeting and pre-populated fields that help drive immediate response.


  1. Immediate call to action:Recipients are intrigued by seeing their name in a PURL (or by the QR Code image), which offers positive reinforcement and increased incentive to visit their personalized website. The result is a dramatic increase in direct mail response rates.


  1. One to one experience: Direct marketers can deliver a unique, relevant experience for each target on a one-to-one basis. Highly personalized messaging fosters brand loyalty and drives retention.


  1. Favorable brand association:Seeing their personalized information linked with specific campaign messages leads to higher levels of brand awareness.


  1. Track-ability: PURLs and QR Codes give you the ability to instantly track responses, down to a specific target recipient. This creates an ideal environment for monitoring, analyzing, reporting and tweaking direct mail campaigns.


  1. Cost-effective: PURLS and QR Codes add value to any direct marketing campaign. They increase conversions, provide a lift in response, and dramatically improve ROI.


  1. Innovative: Adding PURLs and QR codes to direct mail campaigns shows your company is at the leading edge of technology and customer engagement.


  1. Security:Security codes can be added to any PURL landing page to protect personally identifiable or private information


  1. One–to–One Marketing: Increase your ability to communicate with every customer or prospect in a personalized manner so that they feel they are being addressed directly.


  1. Relationship-building: Not only do PURLs help increase direct marketing response rates, they also allow companies to foster personalized, long-term relationships with their audience.

Bonus Benefit: The bottom line is that PURLs and QR Codes increase the effectiveness of direct marketing campaigns. Plus, direct mail campaigns, together with personalized email marketing campaigns powered by PURLs, enable marketers to communicate with targets using consistent, complementary messaging across multiple channels.

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