Common Mistakes In Cross Media Production

Here are few mistakes that we frequently see first-time cross media marketers make. Again, guys, the keyword is “common.”

Poor list hygiene: A squeaky clean list is the first step to a successful campaign. Incorrect formatting, or data in the wrong columns will make it difficult to generate PURLs, landing pages and emails, or will generate them incorrectly.

Bad Data: Incorrect, incomplete or outdated data is fatal to any campaign. Sending out a direct mail piece to a non-existent address, or an incorrect email address just makes your direct mail piece junk. Watch out for list providers who supply bad lists.

Excuse me, but is anyone working on the creative?: A lot of marketers focus so much on the data and other technicalities, that they neglect the creative aspect of the campaign. The look, feel and content of the mail piece is as important as getting the data right. It is what drives people to respond.

Failure to purchase a domain name: We know, this is kind of hilarious. But people do forget to buy the campaign domain name, especially when a new one is needed for a specific campaign. Ideally, you check the availability of the domain name, and buy it, before going ahead with your production.

Any of these sound familiar? Feels good to know you’re not alone, right?


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