How PURLs Enhance Marketing Response Rates in Any Industry

EducationContemporary digital marketing constantly shifts. Content marketing is becoming more important and SEO is changing, but certain things remain fixed. We mean personal URL marketing, or PURL marketing, which continues to be an integral part of any direct marketing campaign.

The biggest advantage of using PURLs is that PURL marketing boosts campaign responses, regardless of the industry or type of campaign. While campaigns without PURLs typically only have response rates at around 3%, campaigns leveraging PURL technology usually boast response rates of at least 9%, and in some cases as much as 25%.

These results aren’t just limited to lead generation or direct order campaigns, they are consistent across industries.

Take Personal Finance campaigns, for example: Regular campaigns have a response rate of 2.3%, while campaigns leveraging PURL technology have almost five times the response rate, at 10.7%.

And Personal Finance is not the outlier either. In Printing, campaigns not using PURLs typically achieve a 2.6% response rate, while Printing campaigns with PURLs are almost eight times more effective, with a 16% response rate.

Similar results can be seen in Education, Manufacturing, Non-Profit and Retail campaigns, as reported by Easypurl’s numerous clients across these sectors.

See in-depth case studies of PURL campaigns from all sectors:

Looking at the results, it’s not hard to see that using PURLs and variable QR codes to create unique integrated offers can boost direct marketing response and conversion as much as 4x over industry-standard rates, for both inside and outside lists or a combination of the two.

If you are not using PURLs in your direct marketing, your response rates will be lower than they could be.

Want to learn more? Contact Easypurl today to get started on a PURL campaign today and watch your response rates soar.

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