These are the different types of Landing Page templates that Easypurl offers

Design Dynamic, Personalized Landing Pages with EasyPurl’s Template Library

Any savvy digital marketer in 2018 is likely well aware of the benefits landing pages provide to offer-specific marketing campaigns.  You’d be remiss not to include them as a component in your campaign if you are offering particular value to a particular target audience.  Taking that one step further, PURLs (personalized URLs) customize landing pages to focus on specific, individualized leads. How can a marketing campaign be more hyperspecific than offering personalized value to a targeted, individual lead?  It can’t be, really. That’s the beauty of landing pages via PURLs- they speak directly to the customer and the value your business will provide them in particular.

This is the customer journey from E-mail, to PURL, to landing page.

Enter Easypurl’s Landing Page Template Library.  Easypurl makes it easy to create and customize gorgeous landing pages within minutes, without any technical or design expertise.  If you do have some design chops and want to take a stab at creating your own template, you can select the ‘Create your own Template’ option to insert text, images and/or forms anywhere you want on your landing page.  This requires no coding and the user interface is intuitive enough to get the hang of almost immediately.

These are the different types of Landing Page templates that Easypurl offers

If you know HTML or are working with a designer that can create landing pages from scratch, EasyPurl also provides an ‘Advanced Template Designer’ option so that you can fully customize your landing pages in any way you’d like. Our landing page design offerings cater to the full spectrum of design expertise- whether you’re a marketer who doesn’t design themselves or you’re an experienced designer, we have an option for you.

The focus of this post is the first option shown above- ‘Start with a Prebuilt Template.’  Easypurl offers a wide variety of landing page templates for various industries including healthcare, gaming, fashion, automotive, financial services, real estate, and more.  We offer 160 templates in all.

This is the Easypurl Template Library, 160 templates and growing.

You’re probably thinking, just the term ‘prebuilt template’ already sounds cookie-cutter and generic.  Why use a template that may come off as “just another landing page?” As marketers who have high standards for our own campaigns, we were conscious of this when creating our template library.  When designing our templates, we made sure to draw from our decade-plus experience of providing customers with PURL-powered landing pages, to follow best UI and UX practices and to focus on aesthetically pleasing designs.  Most importantly- you can customize any component of these designs, so even if you’re more of a marketer than a designer, you can take control of the visual message you’re sending out to your leads.

This is an example of the customization process in Easypurl's landing page builder.

Above is a sample landing page template for a company in the Healthcare industry.  To add personalization, you can add fields such as ~FIRST_NAME~ and ~LAST_NAME~ to pull information from your database or CRM so that each landing page your customers receive is personalized.  Even if you don’t like everything about the landing page template you’ve selected, you can easily customize all aspects of the page, including the banner image, the logo, the text, and the form.  While we’ve seen our templates used by businesses successfully with minimal changes (just text + logo), we’ve also seen businesses use them as a starting off point to incorporate their own flavor into their PURLs.

Here is an example of the template above with a different banner image, logo, and text.  

Customized Version of An Easypurl Landing Page template

With Easypurl’s Preview Tool, you can see what the landing page will look like on various devices.  Notice the various device icons on the top left of the screen. You can easily switch to mobile view, that way your landing page is optimized for all screen sizes and device types.

Mobile View of Our Landing Page Template Builder

Once you approve of your design and generate the landing page as a PURL- you can see what your customers will see, in the browser:

Customized Landing Page via Easypurl's Landing Page builder

The personalized URL for this sample user would be- (note: this is not a live URL) 

Easypurl’s personalized landing pages keep your customers and prospects focused on your marketing message with fresh, responsive designs that you can manipulate in any way you see fit.  If you have any requests for more templates to add to our library or want us to custom design landing pages for you, we’re all ears. Our platform was designed for marketers like you to create landing pages on personalized URLs within minutes to start driving conversions as soon as possible.

Please contact us at anytime if you have further questions about designing your landing pages.  We are deeply committed to the success of your marketing efforts.

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