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Direct Marketing for Auto Dealerships: Driving Showroom Traffic with Easypurl

When it comes to direct marketing for the automotive industry, Easypurl has been around the block. With tens of thousands of campaigns launched on our platform by hundreds of marketers, Easypurl’s technology has been helping automotive marketers over the last several years — just as their space has become more competitive.  And why is Easypurl among the most popular platforms for automotive direct marketers? Because leveraging Easypurl’s technology drives traffic into showrooms and service centers.

Using dealer databases together with Easypurl’s direct marketing technology featuring PURLs, dynamic landing pages, and personalized email, automotive marketers are inventively adding precision and visibility to their traditional marketing campaigns – making their marketing efforts more efficient and profitable.

Easypurl enables auto dealerships and dealership groups to employ a range of initiatives that use PURLs to present highly relevant sales and service offers. For example, some high-growth automotive marketers have

Keep track of your loyalty rewards with EasyPurl

Use PURLs to send out personalized direct mail  and easily reward loyalty.

introduced loyalty programs to maximize same-customer revenue – using PURLs, landing pages and email campaigns to communicate offers throughout the customer life cycle from new car sales, to service offers, to refinance and buyback offers. Similarly, others do marketing around sales and service events — selectively and aggressively using segmentation to pursue the audience that is most purchase-ready.

Loyalty programs  

Loyalty programs that feature PURLs allow automotive dealers to target their customers with relevant offers at critical points during the customer life cycle. For example, using  customer data in a Dealer Management System, dealers could target current customers approaching the end of their leases or loans and offer “loyalty cash back” towards a new car. With the personalization engine in the Easypurl marketing platform, the amount of loyalty cash, the car offered, offer timing, credit approvals and more can all be tailored for each customer.

Service offers

By including attractive customized offers into their service reminders, dealerships have discovered an effective marketing tool. One dealership group extended the lifetime value of their service customers by including aftermarket offers, new car sales and more – all determined by their customers’ sales and service histories. For example, regular with visitors can be targeted for premium services – such as a discount voucher for brake pad replacement sent to customers with winter-care maintenance service appointments.


Tent Event

Events to drive buyers to dealerships

Using customer information such as car owned, home or work location, lease period, and other preferences, auto dealers can determine who in their databases would be most interested in specific events. After creating a “most likely to attend” list, they devise an offer to coax them to visit the sales event – for example, an enhanced trade-in offer – and then wait to see the results. Over time, dealers can track which offers are most likely to attract what customers – and with experience, can use invitation-only events to supercharge their sales.

Easypurl Makes Automotive Marketing Easy

Whether it is through loyalty programs, enhanced service offers, or invitation-only events, Easypurl makes automotive marketing easy – and automotive marketers everywhere are getting exceptional results in their direct marketing with Easypurl.

And with a little skill and the right marketing messages – you can get these results, too.

Curious to see how Easypurl can help you with your next automotive marketing initiative? Contact us today to find out more!

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