Coming Soon: Landing Page vs. Website

Watch out, website!

Landing Page vs. Website – it sounds like an action movie title, doesn’t it? If it were, then Landing Page would be Sylvester Stallone, and website would be, well, the unlucky fellow with the red shirt who joins the landing party in any Star Trek episode. In other words, no competition. Game over.

Poor Red Shirts, they didn't stand a chance.

Why is that? Why do Landing Pages not only kick normal websites’ butts, but out-perform them by as much as 2,000% when it comes to converting visitors into leads?

Ultimately, there are many reasons why, as a direct marketer, you’d be crazy to send your prospects and customers to your normal website when you can send them to a Personalized Landing Page instead. Here’s a list of the best ones we could come up with.

Essentially, a Landing Page is a direct marketer’s best friend. Keep in mind, in direct marketing keeping your customers and prospects focused on your marketing message is what it’s all about. Over the past decade, Landing Pages have become the de-facto method on the Web today to present offer-specific content for direct response campaigns.

But that’s only half of it. Now throw Personalization into the mix. Adding Personalization to a Landing Pages is like adding an extra shot of espresso into your Trenta-sized coffee. To stand out in today’s cluttered and manic multi-channel environment, today’s marketing message needs to speak to each individual on a 1:1 basis. By personalization the Landing Page’s content based on profile data, Landing Pages are essentially 1:1 marketing communication vehicles, enabling you to connect with each individual with the precision of a laser beam. Personalization literally turbo-charges your Landing Pages, and drives amazing results that your website could never dream of in a million years.

The conversion rates say it all! Targeting customers using personalization means bigger and better results!

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