Easypurl Launches SocialShare, Connecting Direct Mail with Social Media

NEW YORK, September 2, 2011 – – Easypurl, the leader in personalized, cross-media communication, is proud to announce the release of Easypurl SocialShare,  a revolutionary way for marketers to link cross-media marketing campaigns to social media.  Easypurl SocialShare integrates cross-media marketing tools such as Personalized URLs, Dynamic Landing Pages, QR Codes and Variable Email to the web’s most popular social media websites.  This integration allows campaign recipients to act as brand ambassadors, and share their PURLs or GURLs with a single click.  Marketers can see the effectiveness of their campaigns with a powerful reporting dashboard and social sharing map.

“With Easypurl SocialShare, marketing campaigns created with Easypurl have the potential to reach millions of businesses and consumers, and even go viral, by tapping into the ever-expanding social media space. It’s a direct marketer’s dream come true,” explained Keegan St. Onge-May, Marketing Manager at Easypurl. “So far, we’ve seen customers use this tool to integrate their PURL marketing campaigns with Facebook, Twitter and dozens of other social media platforms, and I’m sure we’ll see additional innovative uses in coming weeks.”

Easypurl SocialShare’s launch comes after significant research and development by Easypurl Labs, and aims to broaden the impact of marketing messages and campaigns run by Easypurl clients.  “Adding social media connectivity to our cross-media platform raises the stakes significantly,” said Paul Mitchell, National Sales Director at Easypurl.com. “Our clients are now armed with a powerful tool to help them close more business while generating greater value for their customers.”

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