PURL Redirect – Lets Marketers Use Purls Without Landing Pages

Despite popular belief, it is not always necessary to use a hosted Landing Page with a PURL campaign. Easypurl Redirect lets marketers redirect PURL visitors to their (marketers’) websites, and still reap the powerful benefits of improved tracking and increased Web visitors inherent in this technology.

Yes, PURLs are typically used in conjunction with personalized Landing Pages. Not only is this the most effective way to use PURLs, but a huge part of their value proposition in the first place, as it leverages the ability to give the Web visitors a 1:1 (personalized) experience when they arrive online. But, not all companies who use PURLs want to take advantage of this feature. These companies want to use PURLs to direct more people online, and successfully track Web visitors; they just don’t necessarily need the Landing Pages to be hosted elsewhere.

There are many reasons why companies might want to use a PURL Redirect:

  • The company is looking for a quick and easy first step – a simple way to test out PURLs without having to create a new Landing Page
  • The company wants to take advantage of improved tracking /measurability and increased Web visitors – tangible benefits that are attainable by simply adding a PURL to a direct mail piece
  • In rare situations, a customer may need to use a pre-existing Landing Page they are hosting
  • The company has a complex system in place for capturing and routing leads (and orders) through its own system, and the process cannot take place elsewhere.

Whatever the underlying rationale, Easypurl.com has pioneered a new technology for marketers who want to use PURLs without hosted landing pages – called Easypurl Redirect.

This is how it works:

PURLS are generated the way they regularly are, through Easypurl.com. Using Easypurl Redirect, PURL visitors pass through the Easypurl.com system, where they are tracked, and then redirected back to the customer’s website.

Because they pass through the Easypurl system,

  • Visitors can be tracked
  • Marketers can enable email triggers to go out to the sales team or to customers
  • Important information can be passed along with that PURL visitor using an Easypurl query string.  As visitors go through the system, information is gleaned from the lists and is included with them. This means companies can often have pre-filled forms on their Web pages.

With Easypurl Redirect, which takes just minutes to set up, marketers can skip using hosted landing pages and still benefit from the tracking and personalization that PURLs offer.

Have your cake and eat it too.


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