Stay In Control With Marketing Automation Tools

Question: What’s better than a flawless marketing campaign?

Answer: A flawless marketing campaign that runs itself automatically while you sleep.

We’re talking about setting up email and SMS triggers at key points in your campaigns, to various segments of your list, to remind, respond and follow-up with your audience throughout the entire campaign life-cycle. We’re talking about Marketing Automation tools.

With Marketing Automation tools like, you can set-up triggered communications so an email or SMS (text message) is delivered to your audience each time they respond, or fail to respond, to your message. This way, you never lose control of your campaign, and squeeze out the best possible results from your data.

Here are the various kinds of Marketing Automation Triggers available within’s Cross-Media Suite:

  • USPS Delivery Trigger: Sends out a personalized emails based on delivery confirmation of a direct mail piece to your audience. This trigger leverages Postal Tracking technology with Intelligent Mail Barcodes, which gives you incredibly accurate data on when each mail piece is actually being delivered in-home. Use this trigger to deliver a powerful one-two marketing punch across two channels – direct mail and email – in a coordinated manner. Or, send our email alerts to your phone bank to coordinate your cold-call efforts.
  • Visit Trigger: Schedules a personalized email or SMS delivery when recipients visit a landing page or website. This trigger can be set up to broadcast immediately after the visit, or minutes or hours later to mimic a salesperson’s follow-up. Triggers can also be sent to a sales team for immediate follow-up activity.
  • Non-Visit Trigger: Triggers a personalized email or SMS if recipients fail to visit a Landing Page or website. This trigger is a great way to generate extra PURL visitors. Don’t forget, many consumers respond the second time they see a promotion.
  • Response Trigger: Sends out a personalized email or SMS when recipients respond to a message by filling out a form or survey. This trigger can also be used to deliver the sales team the lead information on a silver platter, and in real time. Remember, the hotter the lead the quicker it needs to be followed up on.
  • Non-Response Trigger: Sends out a personalized email or SMS to recipients who did not respond to a message. In direct marketing, just because they didn’t respond the first time doesn’t mean they weren’t interested… so try, try again!

Marketing Automation tools help increase response rates by delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right recipient. Try them!

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