What Lies Between A Printer And His First Cross-Media Project? The Self-Promo Campaign

If you’re new to the cross-media space, simply reviewing the software and attending a few cross-media training sessions does in no way fully equip your business to sell cross-media services. In fact, a central aspect of successfully integrating cross-media services into your product offering comes before the actual sales process begins…

This important step is called the self-promo campaign – the most crucial part of a printer’s cross-media initiative, integral to its success or failure.

This most crucial step is also, ironically, the most frequently overlooked one. Believe it or not, here at Easypurl.com we’ve heard tons of stories of printers who tried to pitch cross media to disinterested customers, only to see a year later, that the same customers sign-on with other print service providers for cross-media projects. They thought they did a good job presenting it to their customers… So what happened? What happened here was that these printers’ pitches were missing were a clear value proposition and credibility. They were missing self-promo campaigns.

You’ve got to drink your own Kool Aid. Think about it. How can you effectively sell something you don’t even use yourself? Would you buy a new car from someone who drives a bike to work? And, don’t forget you’re selling the most effective marketing tool available in the marketplace today. So when you think about it like that, you must realize it makes sense to use cross-media tools and techniques to promote your new-found cross-media capabilities. (Use PURLs to sell PURLs. Get it?)

Here are six reasons why a self-promo campaign should be the first step in your sales process:

  • A self-promo campaign alerts your customers and prospects about your cross-media offerings – a sure-fire way to get the word out to your customers
  • It presents your pitch in a credible way, as opposed to subjecting your prospects to another gimmick or sales pitch – leave salespeople to their own devices, and they’re sure to present PURLs as a nothing but a new gimmick – which they are most certainly not! PURLs and cross -media are a marketing service, so treat them as such by using marketing to communicate their value proposition.
  • It will generate leads from people who are trying to find out more information by responding to the campaign. Suppose your self-promo campaign works – this will mean lots of red-hot leads for your eager salespeople to follow up on.
  • It also makes your sales management more effective. A self-promo campaign will allow you to see which of your prospects are interested. This means you can follow up on each salesperson’s approach for analysis and measurement, instead of as opposed to letting your sales people loose to “wing-it” in an uncontrolled, immeasurable manner.
  • Sending out a self promo gives your production team experience setting-up a cross media project. This way, when you have a customer project, you’re well prepared and your first customer will not be your guinea pig. Also, cross media is a new concept and requires a brand new sales approach. When you have experience with the entire cross-media campaign life-cycle – setting up a cross-media campaign, reviewing the results, following up with the leads, and closing deals – you’ll be far better prepared to answer customer and prospect queries when they come in down the road.

Think about it, you are selling the most effective marketing tool, and it only makes sense that you use cross-media to promote your cross-media capabilities.

Additionally, when you partner with Easypurl.com you get access to self-promo templates that have been tried and tested, and promise to be highly effective. And our Agency Services team will work closely with you to help you craft a successful self-promo campaign. As always, with Easypurl.com success is just steps away.

Makes you wonder why you haven’t launched a self-promo campaign yet.

No, seriously. Why?


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