QR Code News: Best Buy syncs in-store shopping with mobile web

It’s safe to say that most of us use the internet to find out more about a product before we buy it, right? But can you imagine doing in-depth product research online while in-store? Up until recently, this was a pipe-dream – unless of course you were willing to lug around a laptop with a wireless card. Times and technology have changed: Best Buy is now giving in-store customers this opportunity – by marking every product tag with a QR code that links to a product-specific landing page!

Best Buy started using QR Codes on product tags in September of last year. We haven’t shopped at  a Best Buy in awhile, so we was surprised to see QR codes for all of the products while checking out. Cool!

Check out all those QR Codes!

When you scan one… (click on the picture below and try scanning this one yourself):

…it will take you to a special Landing Page where you can check out product specs, customer reviews – or even buy it online and add it to a wish list.

The landing page from the QR code of the product above

This stuff really works. We arrived at the store not knowing exactly what router would be best for us. But with these QR codes, we was able to compare product specs and read enough customer reviews to know, with confidence, what product would be best for our home. Pretty cool, right??

Want to learn more? Retail Geek has fantastic analysis of Best Buy’s QR code use here — highly suggest reading!

What do you think about Best Buy using QR Codes? Does it enhance or hinder the in-store shopping experience? Let us know in your comments!

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