Lady Gaga and Bloomingdales Use Cross-Media, QR Codes, and E-Commerce

Three really good examples of big names using cross-media and e-commerce to drive sales:

Lady Gaga

Pop Powerhouse Lady Gaga has been promoting her new single “Born This Way” in a big way. In this instance, her marketing crew is trying to promote the single with a ringtone download. They aim to target her web-based Facebook fans with a QR code offer to download the ringtone from the itunes store on their smartphone:

So, a Lady Gaga fan will see the following in their feed:







Get out their smart phone and scan their computer screen to arrive at the following mobile landing page:










And by clicking on Get the BORN THIS WAY Ringtone, users are then taken to the mobile Itunes store, where they can download the ringtone — for a price!










Notice that this last and final step is the only time a price comes into the picture. But think about what had to happen to get to this point: a user had to have enough interest in this offer to fish out their cell phone, scan the code, click on another link to get to the E-Commerce portion. The chances are that these people are highly likely to download the ringtone.


Bloomingdales has 2 similar campaigns in their Spring 2011 catalog.

The first is aimed at men interested in color trends and the latest fashion available for Spring. The object is to get users to view a video highlighting the new clothes available at Bloomingdales.

There are 3 CTA (call to actions) on this add:

1. Visit a URL on the web to view a video (print to web)

2. Text in code to recieve a MMS message including a video (print to mobile)

3. Scanning a QR code to get to a landing page to view a video (print to mobile)

I opted to do Option 3 (because I love scanning QR codes!)…and it leads you to the following moblie landing page:


Notice that the landing page is very simple: It only shows a user the logo, the video, and a link to shop Bloomingdale’s mobile site. This keeps user’s focus and excitement only on this campaign.

The QR code fun doesn’t stop there! Bloomingdales also used some catalog space to promote a new contest to get users into their stores. Now through the 20th, every store will display several QR codes that shoppers scan with the hopes of winning store credit.


Scanning the code in the ad brings you to a landing page with a layout idential to the one above. Again, very focused and targeted on the campaign — and of course the opportunity for a little E-Commerce!



So, yet even more examples of using Cross-Media and new technology like QR Codes to create E-Commerce opportunties.What do you think of these campaigns? Are they effective? Let us know in the comments!



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