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5 Ways Call Tracking Improves Your Marketing Campaign

Call Tracking

The old marketing saying, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” has been attributed to several people including John Wanamaker, a pioneering Philadelphia department store merchant in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and none other than Henry Ford himself. Whoever gets the credit, it still rings true in so many ways today, especially when it comes to the difficult and sometimes frustrating category of target marketing. Marketers who know that a certain demographic has a predilection for their product or service can create and test various targeted messages specifically for this audience, but they can sometimes be flummoxed when it comes to determining exactly which message performed best.

While it is often easier to track where online leads come from, it can be much more difficult with prospects that simply choose to pick up the telephone and make a call instead of clicking through to a website – did they call from an AdWords campaign, landing page, or a print advertisement? Inbound calls are quite valuable because they demonstrate an inherent interest by the prospect, so it is crucial to know which specific outreach prompted this action. That is where call tracking comes in. The marketer is able to create a number of different telephone numbers for each individual campaign. Call tracking software then enables these marketers to determine which of their marketing efforts are successfully generating incoming calls.

Easypurl’s call tracking software features fully integrated Call Tracking and Recording. With Call Tracking, marketers can use phone numbers as inbound communication channels in marketing campaigns to easily track, play back, analyze, and manage individual responses. Inbound Call reports then provide a detailed analysis for each call that was made. Here are five key ways call tracking can improve your next marketing campaign:

  1. Get specific: Call tracking allows you to use a different number for each advertisement, marketing campaign or even a landing page on your website. You’ll know exactly where each phone lead originates.
  2. Identify: Call tracking helps you identify which campaign or landing page is driving inbound calls, so you can determine exactly what is working and what is not and adjust your strategy accordingly
  3. Integration: It integrates an off-line communication channel with your online marketing platform to further your customer reach using multi-channel communication.
  4. Research: Easypurl’s call recording feature means you can use information from recorded calls to analyze your prospects’ needs and provide personalized follow-up, both online or offline.
  5. Conversions: Call tracking allows you to route calls more efficiently based on actions taken by the prospect on the phone. If the prospect is sales-ready, the call can be routed to the sales team. If the prospect has follow-up questions, it can be sent to the support team.

Easypurl combines the best elements of all marketing worlds – a high degree of personalization, along with a sophisticated form of analysis. Our call tracking ability means you can receive real-time reporting, dig deeper into individual calls, see response trends, and graph results. You’ll be able to see who called, where they called from, and the duration of the call. The system also gives you the 24/7 capability to play back a recording of the call, to know what the call was about. Utilize these tools and you’ll be better able to identify which part of your marketing efforts works best.

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