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6 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need Personalized Landing Pages

personalized landing pagesThe world of online marketing is becoming increasingly competitive as more and more companies struggle to gain the attention of their prospects. In fact, 90 percent of the world’s data has been created just in the past two years. Much of this production has been fueled by the growing attention paid to the role of websites and content marketing in building relationships with customers.

As the digital ecosystem becomes more crowded, brands need to find ways to stand out from the competition. Personalization is an important part of this equation. In-house marketers who personalize their online experiences for consumers, for example, see an average lift of 19 percent in their sales. Using personalized URLs, or PURLs, can be an excellent way to get started creating this outstanding customer experience. Here are six reasons why you should be personalizing your landing pages.

Nurture the relationship with your prospect

When you create a personalized landing page, you show your prospect that you care about them and their business. The customer can see that you remember their past visits and that you view them as valuable enough to customize the experience for them. This bolsters the relationship and trust between the prospect and the brand.

Make the form easier to complete

On a personalized landing page, the website will automatically remember valuable information about the prospect, such as their name and email address. Any forms on the landing page, therefore, can be automatically filled. This makes the process easier and faster for the prospect, making them more likely to complete the requirements to obtain your offer. You help to remove some of the mental barriers for the prospect. Since they do not have to supply the information for the form, it may help reduce the “cost” for the brain.

Create a personalized offer that speaks to your customer

Your prospect is a unique person with their own needs. They have particular questions that need to be answered before they feel comfortable moving forward to make a purchase. By analyzing their behavior, it becomes easier to understand what they want to see. You can then use the personalized landing page to promote a specific offer that you can be confident will appeal to this person and coax them further through the sales funnel.

Customers tend to be much more interested in offers and website content when the information is relevant to them. Nearly 3/4 of online consumers (2) report feeling frustrated when they land on websites that have nothing to do with their interests.

Capture important information that is unique to this prospect

Since the PURL is unique for a particular person, it is easier to see exactly how the prospect interacts with your promotions. You can see how they arrived on the landing page, such as through social media or through email. This insight can then be used to guide your future efforts with this particular prospective buyer and enhance your direct marketing endeavors.

Provide your brand with insight on this exact prospect

Through the PURL, you can also see how the prospect interacts with this website. Look at important metrics such as:

  • How often they return
  • How long they engage each time they land on the page
  • How interested they seem to be in the offer, such as where they click on the page

This will help you better understand this prospect and what they need from the brand to move forward.

Help to drive higher ROI

Easypurl campaigns have been shown to help their clients drive more business. These campaigns have an average conversion rate that is at least 350 percent higher than other, traditional campaigns. Customers appreciate it when brands show themselves to be willing to go the extra step and create a more enjoyable, personal customer experience.

Creating a personalized online experience for your customer can be a great way to build your brand and your success. With access to PURLs through platforms such as Easypurl, you can get started today maximizing your online presence.

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