Come One, Come All: Web Surveys with Easypurl!

Use PURLs to enhance your survey and lead generation

Make your survey and lead generation forms more responsive by personalizing survey pages using PURLs from Easypurl.

Marketers may wish that every target would come with a cookie-cutter set of consumer and communication preferences, but in the 21st-century marketplace, that’s just not the case.

Adapting to one-of-a-kind customers and prospects may pose a challenge for some platforms, but with Easypurl, reaching an eclectic array of customers is no sweat.

One quick and painless, yet creative, way to do this is to create web surveys hosted by one of Easypurl’s dynamic landing pages.

With Easypurl’s smart-form technology, marketers can create landing-page surveys that are partially populated with preexisting target data from their CRMs or lists, but which can be expanded to include pre-written or customized questions.  In this way, marketers can gather the exact data points they need to make their marketing efforts effective — nothing more, nothing less — and enhance target data profiles in a snap.

Further, with Easypurl’s cutting-edge landing-page design tools, you can customize the look and feel of the survey landing page to be aesthetically consistent with a direct-mail piece and/or the general design feel of your organization or company.

Want to try it for yourself? Sign up for a free trial of Easypurl today and see the difference a survey and well-designed landing page can make on the quest to get more customers!

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