PURLs in Non-profit Fundraising

Create Compelling Nonprofit Landing Pages With Easypurl!

PURLs in Non-profit Fundraising

Use PURL Campaigns in non-profit Fundraising

We’ve already covered how personalized URLs (PURLs) and landing pages help nonprofits meet fundraising goals, but there are other ways you can harness your supporter base using Easypurl’s dynamic landing pages.

Our ready-made, customizable templates can not only make your outreach efforts impactful, but also personal.

Here are a few ways that you can leverage our landing page tools to rally support to further your organization’s mission:

Speak directly to your supporters. When used in conjunction with PURLs, you can tailor your landing-page copy to speak directly to your supporters, making them feel as if their participation is vital to your cause. You can ever alter the core marketing message to stir various emotions within your supporters.

For example, a landing page that boldly asks “Do you recycle daily?” could evoke guilt or pride, depending on the supporter’s answer. You can then offer them a solution to this guilt: a downloadable tip sheet listing easy ways to integrate recycling into their daily lives.

The only catch? They need to submit their contact information to unlock the download. You could also consider adding an accompanying survey to gather data on supporters’ recycling habits to boost your audience insight and build your data vault.

Raise awareness on specific issues. If you’re a multi-issue organization, you can create separate landing pages for each of your individual focus areas and direct people to personal points of interest. For example, using Easypurl’s target-segmentation capability, you can filter out environmental enthusiasts from your supporter database, then send them a segment-specific email blast that takes them to a landing page packed with relevant content that hits on everything from fracking to water conservation.

Use urgent calls-to-action to change policy. When you need to rally the troops for the most important social issues of our time, Easypurl can do the technical legwork for you so that you can focus on making change. You can easily create and broadcast petitions and urgent actions that need wide support using our WYSIWYG landing-page design tools. Easypurl’s system makes it easy to collect supporter information that can then be easily exported and/or pushed to your existing database or CRM software.

These are just a few examples of how Easypurl’s landing pages can be used to optimize your organization’s outreach efforts. To learn how to put these tools into action for your organization, sign up for a free trial today!

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