Dealerships Who Use PURLs Zoom Ahead of the Competition


PURLs have become a particularly effective marketing strategy for sales and customer loyalty within the automotive industry. It’s no surprise that more and more dealers are including them in their direct mailers.

Why are PURLs so effective for automotive campaigns?

It’s no secret at this point that people prefer to respond to direct mail pieces online.  In the automotive world, PURL responders are incredibly promising leads – 70% are looking to purchase a new car in the next six months. PURLs in automotive marketing campaigns can be used to generate leads, promote customer loyalty programs, send service reminders, and offer trade-in or upgrades specials.

Example of a Personalized Automotive Lead-Gen Form

To the left is an example of a Personalized Landing Page used by Mitsubishi. This page auto-populates with the currently known information from the visitor’s profile and subsequently prompts the visitor to update (or fill-in) missing information in their profile.

This highly effective lead collection campaign also provides useful survey and lead qualification data, while immediately triggering lead notifications to the dealership sales team.

Simple, yet powerful use of PURLs in automotive direct mail – such as in this campaign – suggests that with minimal effort dealerships can dramatically improve their response rates and drive more relevant leads to their sales people.

Example of a Personalized and Interactive Automotive Brochure

Here is an example of a personalized landing page for people who have requested information about a vehicle at an automotive trade show.  In this example, prospective buyers are looking for information on a popular automotive brand. Utilizing the dynamic content delivery capabilities of PURLs, the manufacturer is able to push a relevant email or direct mail piece linking the buyer to a highly personalized and interactive online brochure.

When visiting their PURL, the prospective buyer arrives on a very sophisticated dynamic landing page that presents everything from gas mileage and price to available colors on the specific Saturn model they requested.

Most importantly, they are even presented with the local dealership and current incentives being offered for the vehicle in their region.

Leveraging this known prospect information dramatically increases buyer interest and drives pre-qualified leads to the local dealerships.

What do you think?

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