Easypurl & DirectMarketingIQ.com Team Up in Highly Anticipated Webinar on PURLs

Easypurl.com is pleased to announce its partnership with DirectmarketingIQ.com on a new webinar:  Get Personal with PURLs – The In’s and Outs of Using PURLs in Your Marketing Mix.

This webinar is free and offers a crash course in Personalized URLs, teaching viewers how to incorporate PURLs into their direct marketing campaigns.  It will also highlight the benefits of using PURLs, featuring case studies, sample creative, and other useful tips.

“We’re very excited to partner with DirectMarketingIQ.com on this webinar,” explains Keegan St. Onge-May, Marketing Manager at Easypurl.com. “They have been a trusted source of direct marketing information for over 25 years, and the time has never been better for marketers to incorporate PURLs into their marketing campaigns.”

DirectMarketingIQ.com is an online publication that has been leading the way in keeping insiders up to date with the latest news involving direct mail, PURLS, cross media marketing, and more. They are part of the Target Marketing Group of Publications, and publish a monthly newsletter by the North American Publishing Company (NAPCO.)

Those interested can view the free webinar here.

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