Easypurl CEO to Present Award-Winning PURL Campaign at Graph Expo

NEW YORK, September 7, 2011 —  Easypurl, the leader in personalized, cross-media communication, has been invited to present an award-winning PURL case study at Graph Expo in Chicago.  The session, “PURLs that Generate Strong Marketing Results,” will be presented by Easypurl CEO Tej Kohli and will take place in the Graph Expo Theater on Tuesday, September 13th.
In this session, attendees will learn the steps necessary to create an effective PURL campaign. Attendees will also see case study highlights of a campaign executed by Cox Cable that recorded an astounding 42.3 percent response rate. Attendees can expect to learn:

• What kind of creative and format was used to showcase both the PURL and the QR code
• How campaign timing was used between landing date of mail piece and subsequent emails
• How landing pages were personalized in order to gather contact information
• Surveys were also incorporated into the multiple landing page design
• Back-end measurement and results are revealed to not only to show the outstanding ROI, but the power of reporting

The Graph Expo Theater is a highly interactive learning center that offers a robust daily schedule of free sessions on a variety of today’s hottest business-building strategies, presented by subject-experts and thought leaders in their field.

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