Can PURLs Increase Response Rates in Political DM Campaigns? YES WE CAN!


PURL technology has been remarkably successfully in political fundraising, lobbying, volunteering, and community building campaigns.  One of the most effective PURL implementations we’ve seen in the political sphere is in polling and survey campaigns.  With higher response rates, lower error margins, and reduced costs, local and national politicians alike have used PURLs to revolutionize polling communications with their constituents.

With dozens of political campaigns under our belt here at Easypurl, let’s take a look at a successful polling campaign launched by a state representative.  The campaign objective was to establish important voting issues and topics while reducing the time and cost of utilizing phone banks for survey data collection.

Campaign Overview:

  • Mail sent:  5,000 pieces
  • Visitors:  394
  • Responses:   341
  • Response Rate:  6.82%
  • Site Conversion Rate:  86.55%

The campaign was 1/3 the cost of a phone bank survey, and the Easypurl reseller (a regional print shop) generated a 60% profit margin on the cross-media campaign (compared to 20% for the campaign printing.

Some other remarkable campaign statistics:

Better Response rates – approaching 7% vs. <1% for traditional media

What is particularly significant here is that the massive response rate boost demonstrates that campaigns that only offer mail-in cards as a response option are loosing substantial response potential in today’s ‘connected’ digital age.

Improved Predictability –  ~ 0.30% error margin vs.  5%-12% error margin for phone bank.

This can be attributed to the objective method of polling on a survey page as compared to a human (phone operator) who may phrase a question with some bias, intentionally or otherwise. Reducing the need to digitize responses also help eliminate errors. Improving the response rates also provides more data and better statistical significance to the data collected.

In summary, if you wish to leverage the best possible ROI and outcome for your Campaigns, it has become necessary to provide survey respondents with an efficient response mechanism. There is no better (and inexpensive way) to accomplish this than with PURLs and dynamic /intelligent survey pages.

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