Effective Outbound Strategies

2 Effective Outbound Strategies to Jumpstart Your Fall Marketing Campaign

Effective Outbound Strategies

Effective outbound strategies focus on connecting with individuals through personalized messaging.

With the crisp feel of fall in the air, it is a great time to review your company’s outbound direct marketing strategy for one last push before year-end. If your summer results were good, you certainly want to keep building on that momentum, but if leads slowed down a little, it is definitely time to get the marketing train back on the tracks. Keep the sales funnel flowing by combining PURL-based strategies with dynamic landing pages.

PURLs, or Personalized URLs, are a great marketing tool you can add to current marketing strategies so you can direct recipients to a unique online destination for every prospect and customer. Instead of sending everybody to the same static landing page, your prospects can visit a dynamic landing page which is also hyper-personalized to their interests. This will greatly enhance your ability to boost engagement with prospective customers, build loyalty with current customers, and drive response rates for marketing campaigns. Here are two effective outbound strategies you can use to jumpstart your own fall marketing campaign:

Direct mail marketing with PURLs:

Imagine that you are a prospect receiving a direct mail piece from your company. The benefits sound good and you have an interest in what is being offered, but it just directs you to a website at www.greatcompany.com. Would you take the time to sit down at a laptop or whip out your smartphone to visit that site? Most people don’t, but how would you feel if you took the next step only to end up at a confusing website that has nothing to do with the direct mail piece you received? You might not want to do anything with that company ever again. On the other hand, though, picture getting a direct mail piece that is addressed to you, uses your name, and invites you to visit www.johnsmith.greatcompany.com. You’re intrigued, so you visit the site online and come to a customized landing page that reflects the tone and design of the direct mail piece and opens with, “Welcome John.” The chances that you will take an action now are pretty good, we think.

Email marketing with PURLs:

PURLs and hyper-personalized landing pages can also be easily incorporated into your fall email marketing strategies. You can dramatically pump up the effectiveness of those email communications by sending messages that are fully integrated with the prospect and customer database you have amassed. Design personalized email messages, personalize the content of those messages, include text and graphics specifically for each recipient, and customize messages by list segment or prospect profile. With the holidays coming up, retailers could direct prospects to their very own holiday gift giving guide. Auto dealers could promote the newest line of vehicles. Travel agencies can promote the availability of winter travel and ski destinations. Entertainment and restaurant venues can promote the convenience of holiday celebration opportunities or offer gift cards. Nonprofits can present their donation needs and show the results of previous campaigns. Every visitor sees personalized messaging right along with the company’s branding information, driving buyer interest and further cementing loyalty. Track and analyze responses received so you can hone in and target your next offer with even more accuracy.

The Easypurl platform uses your direct mail or email database to create a unique personalized URL for each recipient. Our clients have been able to boost response and conversion rates up 350 % or more by utilizing PURLs, compared to campaigns without PURLs. Visit the Easypurl website to find out how to get 5,000 free PURLs for your fall marketing outreach.

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