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Landing Pages: 6 Ways to Optimize Your Conversion Rates.

Landing pages on multiple devicesPay-per-click advertising requires an investment. By doing everything you can to help your pages convert, you can increase your return on what you spend. The degree of success comes down to effective landing pages. These six tips will help you convert more of your prospects:

Provide a compelling headline
This is the first thing that your visitors will see. Use as few words as possible to show exactly how they will benefit from reading on. Compelling headlines spark curiosity and give people a desire to see what is promised on the page.

Have a clear call to action
What do you want your prospect to do? A clear call to action (CTA) is essential. Ask for only a single action, and make it one that is simple. The more that your prospect has to figure out on their own, and the more work that they have to do, the less likely they are to complete the action.

Your CTA should use active language and be short and to the point to make it more compelling. Experiment with different ones to see how clear and exciting you can be.

Make an attractive offer
If the offer doesn’t move them, nothing else matters. You can give them a chance to get a free membership, download a valuable ebook, or get access to exclusive videos. These and other offers will be enticing enough that prospects are happy to give their information.

Make the landing page intuitive and simple to use
Studies show that more choices actually make consumers less likely to make a decision. Make sure that your landing pages do not overwhelm the people who visit them.

Landing pages should have as much white space as possible. Do not include navigation bars or buttons to go to your other pages. Nothing extraneous should be included. It should be simple, quick, and convenient for your prospect to read over your offer and complete the desired action.

Pre-populate the form and only ask for information that you need
The longer the form, the more likely your prospect is to abandon it halfway through. People don’t like feeling like they have to hand over their entire life story to get to the free report or other offer on the other side of the gate. The shorter your list of questions, the less likely it is that your prospect will decide the information that they have to share is not worth it. You can always collect more later through other short email surveys.

By pre-populating the form, you cut down on the number of fields that your prospects have to fill out themselves. By making it easy for them, you make it far more likely that they will consider the effort worth it to get to the content on the other end.

Add customer or partner testimonials
One of the most powerful types of content you can include on your landing page is testimonials from those who have done business with you before. Most of us are uncomfortable handing information or money to someone we do not know. By seeing that other people have done it before and been happy with the experience, we feel more comfortable with our chances of having good results.

It can take a great deal of effort to put just the right content in just the right form on your landing pages. Test different pages against one another, always working to make a better conversion rate. Over time, you will find what your prospects respond to best and hone in on exactly what makes your pages convert.

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