5 Reasons You Should Add PURLs to Your Email Marketing

5 reasons to add purls to email marketing

Email marketing gives us ways to reach customers in more effective ways than ever before, especially when you personalize your efforts using PURLs (personalized URLs). These are unique URLs that are sent to each one of your recipients. If you aren’t using PURLs in your email campaigns, you are missing out on many benefits. A few of the reasons you should incorporate this valuable tool:

1. Give readers a more personalized experience.

Imagine getting an email from a sporting goods store that features every single product they offer. You’re not likely to find exactly what you want, and you may be inclined to just send it to the trash can. But, imagine that you are a stand-up paddleboard enthusiast, and the message sent to you includes boards, paddles, life vests and other products that appeal expressly to your interests. You’re more likely to click through and perhaps even make a purchase. Your prospects have unique interests, too. Personalization gives them a curated experience that is more pleasant for them and more effective for you.

2. Convert more with personalized landing pages.

Personalization doesn’t stop with the email content; since you are using unique URLs, you can send each prospect to a custom-made page just for them. If you are sending them to a form, for instance, you can have it pre-filled to save them time. You can showcase products just for them. You can vary the tone of your messaging to fit their preferences. All of this means that your prospect is more likely to convert.

3. Track reader actions.

If you don’t know what your marketing emails are inspiring your prospects to do, you have no way of improving your performance. Easypurl has reporting and analytic tools that make it easy to see how each recipient behaves and what makes your emails more likely to convert.

4. Craft new campaigns based on past actions.

This sort of tracking means that you are able to better segment your list and provide the sort of experience that tends to leave you with the best results. You can nurture clients through their journey, providing just the right information and incentives at each time to make them feel more comfortable, and guide them toward a sale. For instance, you can send a follow-up email to someone who clicked through but did not complete the desired action. Everything from gentle reminders to a limited-time discount code can help coax your prospect forward.

5. Dramatically increase your conversion rate.

We have found in our own campaigns that those with PURLs have 350 percent more conversions than those that do not. All of the actions that PURLs allow mean that every one of your prospects is getting the sort of personalized service that makes them more likely to buy. When your conversions go up, you dramatically reduce the cost of acquiring each customer. This frees up more money for more marketing campaigns, and it can drive your business’s revenue higher.

PURLs are easy to use while producing dramatically better results. You can make your marketing more effective and cultivate better relationships between your prospects and your brand. See how PURLs increase the effectiveness of your next email marketing campaign. Signup is quick and easy, and your reports will show you how this simple tool can get you big results.

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