Five Myths About Cross Media Services

A lot of us are just getting acquainted with cross media services, and this means there a quite a few misconceptions flying around. Here are our favorite five:

img:philosophygeek via flickr

Only companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets use cross media services.
Not really. A cross media marketing campaign can be launched with a few hundred dollars.

Only big advertising agencies care about analytics.
Absolutely not. Today, every marketing manager – regardless of company size – worries about ROI, and wants to track, measure and analyze every stage of a marketing campaign.

For printers, taking on cross media services requires adding new staff.
No. Selling cross media services requires a change in the sales process. You’re moving from product-centric selling to solution-centric selling. You engage more closely with your customers, find out what their pain points are and help them solve the problems. You can train your current sales people to do this. And, on the the production side, using advanced web-publishing technology (such as’s Canvas Designer) existing pre-press operators should be able to build projects.

Personalized URLs or PURLs are not compliant with HIPAA, FISMA and other acts.
Not all PURL services are compliant with these security requirements, but THERE ARE SOME that are compliant. We definitely are. Don’t discard PURLs assuming they are not secure, find out.

Using PURL software means your creative boundaries are limited to chunky fonts and ugly templates.
Who told you that??? Sophisticated software like Easypurl let you customize pages and emails to match your corporate website, or specific ad campaigns. It is possible to create pages that look just like your corporate website.

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