Good Copy = Effective Offers

Want to create direct response offers that kick butt? Well, it takes more than a compelling offer and slick creative to get the message out. Effective offers need clear, effective and hard-hitting copy to be successful. Here are some useful tips you can use to spice up your direct marketing today.

Punch up the Personality of your Campaign… and I’m not just talking PURLs!

When it comes to marketing copy, it’s not always about selling a product to customers; it’s about creating life-long relationships and life-long buyers.

Does your copy tend not to captivate your audience? Tired of writing the same old, same old for every campaign? Why not punch it up with some personality!

Create a Narrative

Don’t just tell people over and over again how beneficial your product is, say it with a story!  Narratives and testimonials make copy sound more like a conversation between friends, and let prospects know that there are people out there that find your product or service to be the best! Moreover, try to write copy that not only tells a story, but speaks directly to your target audience.

Make People Laugh

Everybody loves funny. So why not use a laugh to get your campaign across? People remember funny, and are more likely to share a hilarious video or photo with friends (ie, more prospects!). Using humor doesn’t mean your offer won’t be serious; just make sure to use content that will appeal to a large audience and not offend prospects or your competition.

Start a Conversation

Guide your prospect’s thoughts by asking questions in your copy. Depending on how you ask the question, they might realize an issue or need that they had not thought of before. Allow your readers to respond to your copy by including a way for them to contact you: a phone number, email address, or even better, a Personalized URL!

Practice Makes Perfect

Like anything else, becoming an effective direct response copywriter takes time and practice. Even if your first couple attempts fall flat… don’t despair, that’s what running tests is all about. Sometime finding out what doesn’t work is just as important as finding out what does.

images: wikicommons

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