Email Marketing Tip #3: Optimize your Subject Line

For many email marketers, the subject line remains an afterthought.

It continues to be something you write after you’ve put together creative and copy. However, the subject line is arguably the most important aspect of any successful email marketing campaign. Why? Because the subject line is what will actually get your email opened and read in the first place. You want to intrigue your audience – what can you say to them to convince them to open your message?

Your subject line needs to be short, catchy, and relevant. Be specific with your message and be sure to keep your audience in mind at all times. Most subject lines will be cut off if they are too long – keep it under 50 characters to ensure the recipient is seeing your full, intended message.

Do questions in subject lines work? Yes, absolutely!  Asking the recipient a targeted question is a great way to create intrigue and inspire them to open your message.

Improve your Results with the Right Subject Line

There are a number of factors that will increase the likelihood of your email message ending up in the junk folder. A few crucial rules of thumb:

  • Don’t use too much punctuation – multiple exclamation points or questions marks will send you to the junk folder every time
  • Don’t use ALL CAPS – no one likes to be screamed at.  All caps is a surefire way to have your message flagged for the junk folder
  • Avoid these words like the plague:  FREE, limited offer, cash, save, discount, etc.

Many marketers have found success in their subject lines by reaching out to prospects in a personal way.  You can capture a customer’s attention by using their name in the subject line by using EasyPurl’s innovative software.

Creating an effective subject line is not rocket science, but it can easily make or break your email campaign. Be sure to test different subject lines to see which is most effective. Every audience is different, and using A/B testing will help you identify your email subscriber habits and improve future campaigns.

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