Hey Non-Profits, Boost Your Fundraising With PURLs And Landing Pages

How can PURLs help non-profits raise more funds despite shrunken marketing budgets and declining response rates?

Non-profits send out direct mail throughout the year to boost membership and generate donations for their various fundraising initiatives. Money makes the world go round, and non-profits are no exception, as the mighty dollar is where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

Like most direct mailers, non-profits face the dual challenge of low response and conversion rates, coupled with a general lack of appeal for generic offers and messaging. To throw fuel on the fire, in recent years the market has become more competitive – the number of charities has increased and private giving has reduced – leading to shrinking membership bases and moribund revenues.

In this environment, there are simply more charities competing for fewer dollars – and this means non-profit organizations today need to market themselves more aggressively than ever. But, with less money coming in, their marketing budgets have shrunk substantially. How can they do more with less?

By integrating traditional marketing with the Web using PURLs, of course.

PURLs and personalized landing pages can help dramatically increase direct mail conversion rates, and provide an effective way to capture and track donations online. Here’s how:

  • Adding Personalized URLs to a printed piece improves effectiveness by incorporating personalization and improving measurability
  • Coordinating multi-channel personalized campaigns with emails, PURLs, and personalized landing pages increase campaign response rates
  • Special features like the “impulse shopping cart” have high conversion rates and offer an inexpensive, easy-to-use and better-performing e-commerce solution – giving non-profits a better mousetrap for capturing donations online
  • Unique up-sell capability available with cross-media campaigns – for example, if a person donates $50 during a campaign, you can automatically insert a default amount of $100 for the next campaign – leads to higher average donations
  • Viral refer-a-friend component can help a campaign grow exponentially at no extra cost
  • Access to deep analytics helps organizations understand how their audience responds to different messaging and calls-to-action
  • Cross-Media tools enable non-profits to run multi-channel campaigns across print, Web and mobile media
  • Integration with social media sites increases campaigns’ reach and efficacy

Do so much more with less.

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