Email Marketing Tip #1: What Is Whitelisting, And Do I Need It?

There are many factors that ascertain whether your emails actually get delivered into your audience’s in-box or get tagged as SPAM and end up being banished to cyberspace forever. Whitelisting is one of them. So what is whitelisting, and what other terms should you be familiar with if you want to begin offering commercial email marketing services?

  • Whitelisting. Some Internet service providers have whitelists that they use to filter e-mail to be delivered to their customers. ISPs receive requests from legitimate companies to add them to the ISP whitelist of companies. Whitelisting is essential to to running commercial email marketing programs, as it allows email messages from a specific sender to bypass spam filters. By using this service, a sender can be more confident that the messages have reached their recipients without being blocked, or having links or images stripped out of them. Without whitelisting, emails probably will not be delivered at all, especially if they are sent in bulk. Ultimately, whitelisting allow companies to reliably reach their customers by e-mail.
  • Email delivery rules. Getting the emails to deliver to the various IPSs is tricky business, as most have a unique set of rules for determining what is SPAM versus legitimate email communication. This means that your email provider must understand the various rules for delivering to the various ISPs.
  • Blacklists. Blacklists should be avoided at all costs. The main issue is, once you’ve gotten on a Blacklist it’s hard to get off. For this reason, it’s extremely important to work with an email marketing provider who will ensure your IP address stays off any/all blacklists (SBLs).
  • Throttling. No, this has nothing to do with driving a car. In email marketing, sending out email messages quickly is the name of the game. That being said, if the emails go out too quickly, ISPs will block them and prevent their delivery. In other words, commercial grade email software sends the messages out quickly, but not too quickly so as to prevent their delivery. This is called ‘throttling.’ A good broadcast service therefore ensures your emails are delivered at a high rate, but not too fast to ensure maximum deliverability.

If you want to offer commercial-grade email marketing services to your customers, you must partner with a company that includes all of the features we mention above whitelisting service. By partnering with a reputable email marketing solution like, you’ve got your bases covered, as our email marketing module is robust and highly effective.

Do you need it? You decide.

img: Bruno Girin

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