Mail piece and a Personalized URL

Why Should You Invest in PURLs?

Mail piece and a Personalized URL

Direct mail can be made even more effective when it is combined with digital efforts such as personal URLs, known as PURLs. These are unique URLs that are given to each person who receives an offer. Visitors use unique URLs to connect to your landing page, which means that you see exactly who responds to your offer and how they behave once they visit your page. PURLs can also be used in email marketing to get the same benefits. While email marketing has gained ground, direct mail marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. The move to digital has enhanced the visibility of traditional mail. When people get hundreds of emails every day, the three or four direct mail pieces that pop up tend to stand out and get attention.

Two Great Technologies That Work Great Together

By using PURLs with your direct mail, you can benefit from both the higher response rate of direct mail, and the tracking and analytics of digital marketing. Using this information, you can do the same sort of testing that allows you to make more effective landing pages and email marketing messages. You can do A/B tests that pit one offer against another, or try different color schemes on your messages. You can test whether elements like a larger envelope window, teaser text on the outside or other features make people more likely to visit their PURL and respond to your offer. Over time, you can increase your response rate and improve your marketing ROI.

The Benefits of Using PURLs

PURL links can be far more effective than plain links because of their many valuable features.

  • PURL links contain your prospect’s name, which can inspire curiosity to click through. They can also be easier to enter from a direct mail piece than a random code or a long and unwieldly URL.
  • PURLs send prospects to landing pages that are made specifically to appeal to them. These landing pages can be personalized with custom greetings, offers and content that is unique to each recipient.
  • With PURLs, information on the landing page can be pre-populated. The pre-populated information and easy-to-use page make it more likely that your prospects will complete the desired action.
  • PURLs allow marketers to get excellent data that includes who is visiting the landing page and what action they take when they get there. You can get detailed information about your click rate, response rate and where some prospects drop off.
  • Marketers can also use the information they acquire to trigger follow-up campaigns. Those who completed the action will get a different mailing than those who got as far as the form and then navigated away.

All of these marketing efforts add up to a response rate that can be more than 350 percent higher than a campaign that do not integrate PURLs.

How Easypurl Can Help

Easypurl makes it simple to generate and track unique URLs. You can see who gets each PURL and how they behave once your mailing is in their hands. However, the benefits of this utility do not stop there. Easypurl is a fully integrated marketing solution that helps you improve your conversion rates in a number of ways. Easypurl provides services that include customized landing pages, call tracking, email, SMS and more.

By adding a digital edge to your direct marketing efforts, you can get the best out of both channels. Visit Easypurl today to learn about how we can help improve your direct marketing ROI.

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