Effective email marketing works like a magnets to attract leads

5 reasons why email is still the most effective marketing tool

Effective email marketing works like a magnets to attract leads

When you are seeking effective methods to reach your prospects, you can’t get much better than email marketing. Although many people think of it as an old method, it is still one of the best tools for lead nurturing from first contact to the sale.

1. Email is the most widely used digital communication tool.

With over three billion accounts worldwide, email beats social by miles. Nearly everyone checks their email every day, allowing you to get in touch easily. And, since people check their email when it is convenient for them, it isn’t disruptive the way that sales calls or visits can be. While other methods have come and gone, email continues to be used even as people move to new devices.

2. Email is extremely cost-effective.

The estimated ROI for email is as high as 3800 % . This compares favorably to all other marketing channels. It generally does not cost much more to send an email to ten people than it does to 1,000, so you can contact many qualified prospects all at once for not a lot out of pocket.

3. Email is the preferred communication channel in the business world.

When you contact potential customers in the manner that they prefer, you are already on your way to winning their trust. Email lets them look at your proposal on their own schedule. It’s a written medium, so your message is there for them to refer back to if they need to do more research before making a purchase decision. It allows them to decide without pressure whether they wish to learn more about your product or service.

4. Email allows for one on one personalized messaging.

Email can be personalized for every person on your list using easy tools like those available from Easypurl. Send emails to one individual as part of a drip campaign or send them to everyone in a specific segment of your email list.
This is even more true when you incorporate tools like a personalized URL and a personalized landing page. PURL links in emails allow you to see exactly who clicked on your links to learn more. It also allows you to send different segments of your marketing list to different landing pages while better fit each prospect’s specific buying patterns and needs.

5. Email can be used to nurture prospects all through their buyer’s journey.

It is rare for a buyer to be ready to purchase from you the very first time that they learn about your product. Effective marketing takes several touches. Consider offering a 10 part email series on a subject that is of interest to your prospects. A drip email campaign like this allows your prospect to gradually learn about your company and your products. It eases them from awareness to decision in a low pressure format that gently guides them toward the conclusion that your product can help with their dilemmas.

New communication technologies emerge on what seems like a daily basis and often disappear as quickly. Email has adapted with the times to allow attractive and appealing communication on a number of devices. By investing in marketing in this proven channel, you can effectively and economically grow your relationships with your prospects and help your brand succeed.

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