Make your next direct mail campaign go Viral with Easypurl SocialShare

Mobile Marketing and Social Media  – buzzwords that are rocking the marketing industry.

The current marketing landscape is turning social media and mobile entrepreneurs into instant billionaires while leaving the average marketing professional scratching their heads…

Makes you wonder – where does direct mail or traditional direct marketing fit… or does it?

Easypurl helps answer that question.

Introducing Easypurl SocialShare – a momentous leap in integrated marketing that enables you to extend the reach of your direct mail via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and 200+ social platforms – creating a viral boost for your direct marketing campaign.

How do we do this? Its quite elementary really – we locked several engineers from the Andromeda Galaxy, along with our social media marketing team, into our lab for several years… and voila, Easypurl SocialShare was born.

SocialShare redefines the term “Viral Boost”.

We’ve already established the efficacy of PURLs. For instance you know that by connecting your Direct Mail to a personalized Landing Page (with PURLs or QR Codes) you boost responses. Easypurl SocialShare makes this step into a giant leap by enabling your Direct Marketing recipients to dynamically create PURLs and broadcast them to their Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Simply put SocialShare creates an unstoppable viral effect from your direct marketing campaigns.

Hope the inventory manager stocked up well this month because the marketing department (A.K.A., YOU) just made your direct mail go viral and your CEO grin from ear-to-ear.

Just another chapter from the Easypurl Playbook.

As always keep the conversation going,

Tej Kohli, CEO
Easypurl, Inc.

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