Measuring Quality of Care and Improving Outcomes with PURLs & QR Codes

Easypurl Healthcare Case Study

Direct Marketing with Easypurl can help improve direct-to-provider communications.

Easypurl’s healthcare solutions that feature Personalized URLs (or PURLs) and QR codes are more than just direct-marketing tools for healthcare marketers.  Over several years of providing marketing solutions to healthcare marketers, Easypurl has found that PURLs and QR codes can be effective prescriptions for challenges that face both providers and patients.

In this blog post, we will examine three ways that Easypurl solutions use Personalized URLs and QR codes to measure quality of care, improve patient outcomes, and improve both direct-to-patient and direct-to-provider communication.

PURLs for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers use Easypurl’s Personalized URLs (PURLs) and QR codes to measure quality of care.  For example, postcards with PURLs and QR codes can bring new and existing patients to personalized landing pages where they can answer questions about care delivery, affordability, quality of provider-patient interactions, and other patient-satisfaction survey questions.  

Armed with these results, healthcare providers can get a better insight into how service delivery and quality of care compare with target levels and industry standards.

PURLs for Medical-Research Studies

Do you have a contact list of individuals eligible for your study, but want a more effective way to solicit participation?  Some healthcare marketers use Personalized URLs as recruitment tools for research-study participants. 

At Easypurl, solutions for study enrollment typically include a direct-mail piece — such as a postcard with a PURL and QR code — that guides each recipient to a personalized, dynamic landing page with a survey form pre-populated with their basic personal data.

The result?  Potential participants feel as if they are being communicated with personally on a 1-to-1 basis — and are more likely to enroll.

PURLs for Managed Care Networks:  The Patient Portal

Want a permanent home for your direct-to-patient communication? Healthcare-provider and managed-care networks use Personalized URLs over the life of a customer – “Permanent PURLs” — in conjunction with their CRM systems to provide an online concierge portal through which providers can communicate key offers, upcoming appointments, reminders for screenings and preventive-care appointments, and more. 

Such patient portals simultaneously enhance direct-to-patient communication and impact wellness by improving a patient’s ability to find and seek care or services, provide feedback, and more.

Easypurl Makes Healthcare Marketing Easy

Whether you are using PURLs to improve direct-to-provider or direct-to-patient communication, Easypurl can show you how healthcare marketers everywhere are achieving exceptional results.

Want to learn more about how Easypurl solutions would help meet your healthcare-marketing goals? Download a case-study here today to find out more!

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