Direct Marketing for Education: Making the Grade with Student-Recruitment PURLs and Landing Pages

Get your Student Recruitment on the Honor Roll with PURLs, Landing Pages and QR Codes

Get your Student Recruitment on the Honor Roll with PURLs and Landing Pages!

Education marketers know that student recruitment for secondary- and higher-education institutions is as competitive as it’s ever been — and the fight for resources shows no signs of letting up. With tuition hikes and shrinking budgets — plus student enrollment at zero–growth — education marketers are finding it harder than ever to make the grade.

In spite of all this, however, Easypurl has spent the last few years helping educational marketers go to the head of the class with recruitment efforts that feature highly personalized content delivered across channels including personalized URLs (PURLs) and dynamic landing pages, as well as personalized emails and SMS messaging.  When taken together, these tools allow for a steady stream of automated one-to-one communication.

Here are three types of student recruitment programs that educational marketers using Easypurl have launched that present relevant, targeted, cross-channel content for each recipient, creating emotional connections between students and institutions, and streamlining the inquiry and application processes.

Summer Session/Winter Intersession Registration Programs

Just because students plan to go home for vacation doesn’t mean you have to miss out on intersession enrollment.  In fact, offering students giveaway items in exchange for registration — such as textbooks, on-campus meals, or even a laptop or tablet — has been demonstrated to keep more students around for intersession classes.  What’s more, with Personalized URL or PURL technology, you can tailor your offers to individual student’s stated preferences and academic histories – and then track each student response — allowing you to measure marketing effectiveness and tailor future offers to different student segments accordingly.

Rapid-Response Programs for Pre-qualified Students

Looking to boost recruitment efficiency and maintain a personal, dynamic dialogue with prospective students at the same time?  With personalized URLs (PURLs), QR codes and dynamic landing pages, your rapid-response, early-decision or early-admission programs can see significant boosts in response and conversion.   With nothing more than a pre-qualified segment of highly desirable candidates (such as those with standardized-test scores within a preferred range), you can launch a highly personalized, rapid-response program of your choice.

Simply generate PURL- and QR-encoded correspondence (such as an email or direct-mail piece) that guides students to a simple, easy-to-use personalized application portal and remove the hassle from the application-processing equation.  Your responses are tracked within the Easypurl Reporting Dashboard, and through data connections, they can be made available in your institution’s ERP environment.  Plus, with marketing automation, you can send personalized emails and SMS messages to keep the conversation going up to a student’s eventual enrollment — and beyond.

Transfer Student Recruitment

Just because a candidate doesn’t enroll when they’re first accepted doesn’t mean that you should say goodbye.

In fact, it’s just the opposite! With Easypurl’s direct-marketing technology, you can use the same outreach methods discussed in the two previous programs to target previously accepted students for special admission to a transfer-enrollment program.

With personalized URLs (PURLs) and landing pages that feature personalization and pre-filled transfer-student applications, targets will feel like cultivated prospects because of the mere fact that you remembered them.  At the same time, the application process is simplified.  Finally, Easypurl’s Reports-Dashboard analytics will give you great insight into how individual students and student segments respond to various transfer-recruitment offers.

Have an education-marketing challenge that you’d like us to tackle using Easypurl technology and solutions, like PURLs, QR codes, and landing pages?

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