Advantages of One-to-one marketing, (sometimes expressed as 1:1 marketing)

Advantages of One-to-One Marketing


Personalization is one of the most powerful strategies you can add to your marketing arsenal. When clients are given personalized service, they are happier in their customer relationship and more likely to continue to buy from your brand. Our powerful software makes it easy to create the personalized experiences, that make people more likely to buy and more likely to stay with your brand.

Advantages of One-to-One Marketing

Moving your marketing efforts to marketing software solutions that offer a highly personalized one to one experience has benefits throughout the customer lifecycle:

  • Warm relationships through personal greetings. Prospects are far more likely to read an email that addresses them by name.
  • More targeted marketing. You assure that your prospects are receiving just the campaigns that are tailored to their interests. This means you do not risk wearing out your welcome in their inbox by sending them things that they aren’t interested in.
  • Unique URLs and sites for each customer. This means that you can customize offers, discounts and displayed products depending on who is visiting.
  • A chance to reach prospects and customers across multiple platforms. Whether your customers prefer email, SMS or another form of communication, you can always reach them at the outlet that fits them best.
  • Bring your company to mind at just the right times. A company who sells office supplies at monthly quantities, for instance, can use the best customer experience management software to assure that their current customers get reminders to stock up.
  • Strengthen relationships by celebrating with your current customers. Use your email marketing platform to automatically send out notes to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions when appropriate. This can help preserve a warm and personal relationship that builds your loyalty with your customers.
  • Reward customers for their business. Send out special coupons to those who have a strong history of purchases from your brand. Put loyalty programs into place to ensure that customers who spend more with your brand get the special services and discounts they deserve. These programs can build strong brand loyalty that can significantly increase value throughout the customer relationship.
  • Bring stragglers back into the fold. Have a customer who hasn’t made a purchase in a while? Our powerful system can be set to automatically send an email to those who haven’t visited or bought something in some time. These retention emails bring your company back to the top of customers’ minds and remind them how much they enjoy your products or services.


This service starts with personalized emails and moves on through unique, personal URLs that give customers exactly the content that they need. By focusing on a one to one relationship no matter how many customers you have, you can draw prospects to your brand and keep happy customers coming back again and again.

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