Print HAS Changed – What 2010 On Demand Expo Taught Us

OnDemand 2010 LogoThe print industry has changed. Yes, it’s not going to change. It’s no longer in the process of changing.

This is our biggest takeaway from this year’s expo. (This, and “always carry an umbrella,” and “you can never have enough free tote bags.”)

The country is emerging from a recession and it has not been easy for many industries.  The print industry went through substantial contraction and consolidation, and it emerged from it a very different looking animal.

  • The industry has become leaner; but also stronger, more agile and more diversified.
  • Many companies have upgraded their businesses and attitudes. They have begun offering multi-channel services and are embracing the new wave of direct marketing.
  • Printers are acting like real marketing companies. The transition from old-school to new-school direct marketing is in progress.
  • Cross media marketing is no longer an option. No one we spoke to said they were considering cross media services. That decision has been made, and the only question was “When do we get started?”

We are past the tipping point.

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