Wrapping Up On Demand 2010 – Note From Our VP of Sales (And Favorite Mentor) Rio Longacre

On Demand 2010 wraps up today in Philly, and if you are at the event and haven’t visited us yet, please do! We’ve had hundreds of brilliant conversations with people stopping by booth #1132, and we can’t get enough.

Attendance is much better than anticipated. Despite dire predictions from others, we’ve had a good turnout.

Marketing works. Or, more specifically, our marketing worked.

To help drive traffic to our booth, Easypurl.com sent out nearly 20,000 emails with PURLs in them (Yup, drinking our own Kool-Aid) to pre-registrants and prospective attendees. As a result, several hundred of them stopped by to visit and we’ve welcomed dozens of new companies into our network.

Seminars and panel discussions were a hit. Hot favorites were Bryan Yeager from InfoTrends, who led a session on the cross-media landscape, and Jeff Stewart from Trekk, who discussed how to mix print, Web and social media into the marketing mix. Nice job, guys!

Rio (l) and Easypurl CEO Tej Kohli (r)

Before I sign-off, here’s loud shout-out to Allegra network, which is aggressively joining the cross-media revolution. Easypurl.com has enjoyed a close relationship with this innovative and successful PSP franchise network for a long time. Thanks to great support, encouragement and mentoring from their home office in Detroit (Great job Tim, Dave, and co.), many of their centers are now pushing ahead and enthusiastically adding PURLs to their marketing mix.

Okay, I’m just going to say this – Philly has awesome cheese steaks! Sorry, had to add that one. 🙂

Great show overall and looking forward to it again next year.

Would love to get your feedback. Please send any comments to rlongacre@indrosgroup.com.

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