QR Code Usage Soars

QR Codes are really taking off in the US. In fact, according to Mobile Commerce Daily during Q4 of 2010 the US officially became the country with the greatest absolute number of mobile bar code scans.

Global mobile bar code usage
Top 10 users of mobile bar codes during the fourth quarter of 2010:

1. United States
2. Italy
3. Germany
4. Hong Kong
5. France
6. Canada
7. Britain
8. Netherlands
9. Thailand
10. South Korea

These reports are based on the total number of QR code, Datamatrix, and UPC/EAN scans recorded by 3GVision’s i-nigma system during the relevant periods. Japan uses a different system, so they were not included in this report.

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily

Less than one year ago QR Codes seemed like a a curiosity at best, and a fad at worst. Well, they certainly seem to be here to stay.

Want some more proof? On the way to work this morning in NYC, the writer of this blog saw a billboard advertisement for the upcoming movie “The Mechanic.” Take a look at the sign (we added the red arrow). That’s right, interwoven into the design is a QR Code. It’s near the bottom of the illustration towards the center.

Scan me!

It’s kind of hard to see, so here’s a close-up you can see (and scan better). When you scan it, make sure to tilt your phone’s camera to match the angle of the QR Code itself. When you scan it you’re redirected to a mobile website used to present the movie. Pretty cool!

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