Questions To Ask Your Customers (Hint: It Pays To Be Nosy)

Remember the good old days when all you needed to know from your customers was card color, type and quantity? Sigh.

They’re gone. With today’s cross media marketing campaigns, the more questions you ask your customers, the more likely you are to succeed.

We have spoken about how, to price a campaign, you need to “begin at the end.”  That just means – begin with finding out the campaign’s ultimate objective or target, and you do that by asking the right questions.

Questions like:

-Who are your customers?
-How many customers do you currently have?
-How many are active?
-How do you communicate with them?
-What is the universe of potential customers is in your local area?
-What is your margin on the services you offer?
-How much are you willing to spend for a customer?
-What is the lifetime value of a customer?

You get the drift.

Your aim is to think beyond pricing and costs, and look at the big picture – the marketing campaign. Ask the right questions and define an achievable objective, and you won’t miss your target. When you are armed with more (relevant) information, you are able to design smart campaign that has a high chance of success.

img:Orin Zebest

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