How PURLs Are Priced


Elsewhere on this blog, we’ve discussed the price components of a personalized URL (PURL) campaign.  For example, remember the setup costs that we spoke about before? Personalized landing pages and PURLs are a huge part of the setup cost of any given campaign — and so we thought it might help to understand how PURLs are typically priced.


The Landing Page

Even the most basic cross media campaign with PURLs needs a landing page.  The setup cost for a basic, template-based landing page ranges between $1200 and $2000* for a simple landing page that may feature a basic form (and a confirmation message to users once they have submitted that form).  This price will go up based on the complexity of the campaign.  For example, variable images and offer text, map or shopping cart widgets, and other elements will affect cost.


Any cross media campaign with PURLs not only features a dynamic, personalized landing page – but also, a personalized URL for each record in your Target list.  When a recipient of direct mail piece keys their PURL into their browser — or snaps a personalized QR Code — they are taken to this personalized page.

The PURLs themselves tend to retail between 4-12 cents*, depending on the number of PURLs being bought.

For a short-run (less than 10,000 PURLs), the price of a PURL averages to around 10 cents*.

The price per PURL decreases with an increase in volume.

Putting it All Together

No matter the type of PURL campaign, we recommend to our resellers that they price setup costs, reports access, and PURLs separately – to give them the most flexibility in pricing.  But remember, the key to determining price is the value of each conversion.  A direct marketing campaign for a yacht dealer will yield a different dollar value for each conversion than a campaign that sells lawn-care services – and so you should price each campaign accordingly.

Do you have questions about PURL pricing, or about how to price an upcoming marketing campaign for a client?  As the industry leader in PURL marketing, we may have useful answers for you.  Call Easypurl Today to talk to a solution specialist to find out more!

*Please note that prices, costs and margins mentioned here are for illustrative purposes only, and do not reflect’s or other vendors’ pricing.

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