SOLD! Building Effective Realty Landing Pages

With Easypurl, it’s easy to set up a landing page for your realty-marketing campaign.


Easypurl’s ready-made, customizable templates can make 1:1 customer conversations a reality for a multitude of realtors.

Our ready-made, customizable templates can make 1:1 customer conversations a reality for a multitude of realtors.

Whether you work for a real-estate corporation or you’re an independent realtor, here are a few great ways in which you can leverage Easypurl’s dynamic landing pages to convert more customers:

Attend an open house. Landing pages can be used to book appointments for house viewings. Juxtapose photography and basic specifications of a particular home with a survey form customized to gather the information you need to simultaneously gauge interest in that home and boost your CRM.

Offer virtual tours. You can target people who have busy schedules or are looking to relocate to another city by providing a way for them to view properties virtually. Design your landing page to initially greet visitors with a simple call to action: fill out schedule/contact form in order to unlock a virtual home tour. In this way, you can boost motivation for prospective renters or buyers to hand over their contact information, get more eyes on your value proposition and effortlessly expand your CRM.

Find the value of your home. You can also target people who are looking to put their house on the market by embedding a home-value calculator onto your landing page. Design the calculator so that prospects must submit specified contact information (i.e. first and last name, phone number and email) in order to unlock the calculator functionality. This will let you both accumulate authority in your field (since you’re offering a beneficial service that educates the consumer) and drive brokerage leads.

Offer a neighborhood guide. This is a great way to not only attract people who are interested in relocating to a specific area, but also to reach potential visitors or anyone doing research on different regions. Turn your landing page into a download center, where visitors can unlock a download by submitting their contact information. Who knows, your guide just might convince them to make a move!

No matter what your approach is, Easypurl offers easy-to-use tools to make landing-page marketing a snap.

To learn more about how you can leverage landing pages to enhance your marketing outreach, request a free trial today!

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