Forget Diamonds: PURLs for Printers

Printing PURLs

Easypurl’s personalized URLs allow you to create an instant bond with your customer and begin a 1:1 personalized customer conversation that can last a lifetime.

Audrey Hepburn might have preferred diamonds, but PURLs are a printer’s best friend.

PURLs, or personalized URLs, are one-of-a-kind web domains customized to individual customers or prospects.

By juxtaposing a customer’s name with your brand (i.e., PURLs allow you to create an instant bond with that person and begin a 1:1 personalized customer conversation.

Most importantly, a personalized URL gives a customer or prospect a one-of-a-kind, dedicated home on the web where they can regularly access relevant information, customized offers, and nearly any other marketing communication you can dream up.

Easypurl has brought PURL technology to a host of industries, but here are just three reasons why PURLs are especially perfect for printing:

1. They look great on paper.

With Easypurl’s PURL and variable QR code technologies, you can include a personally engaging PURL and tech-savvy QR code into any direct-mail piece to give the target access to their PURL and make them feel like the center of attention without making things visually bulky.

2. They let give you direct-mail audience analytics.

When a customer visits their personalized URL (either directly or by scanning one of Easypurl’s variable QR codes), they enter into the world of PURL analytics. From that point on, Easypurl’s robust Reporting & Analytics dashboard lets you monitor target activity and engagement, down to the individual-user level.

3. They can be generated en-masse.

Easypurl’s Personalization Engine allows printers to generate a PURL for every contact in their client database or on their chosen list. The more targets, the merrier. Easypurl lets you generate thousands of PURLs in seconds from anywhere you can find an internet connection.

To find out more about Easypurl’s potential to take your print-marketing ROI to new heights, request a free trial today!

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