Top-10 Reasons Your Business Needs Cross-Media Services Now!

If you’re a Print Service Provider, Marketing Firm or Agency and you’re still wondering why you need Cross-Media (Seriously? What is this, 1995?), you should read through this post quickly, and pick up the phone and contact the leading Cross-Media software vendor (cough…Easypurl…cough) right away.

So, here it is… The top-10 reasons your business needs Cross-Media Services now:

  1. Cross-Media tools make direct marketing more effective by incorporating personalization and improving measurability.
  2. Adding Cross-Media to your service portfolio accelerates your transition to a marketing solutions provider.
  3. Being a Cross-Media service provider lets you engage with your client’s marketing department as opposed to the print purchasing or procurement department.
  4. It adds an interactive component (the Web) to your existing service offering.
  5. Cross-Media services connect print to data, and open the door to relevant marketing discussions.
  6. Tools like Personalized URLs and customized landing pages can be used to market yourself more effectively.
  7. A Cross-Media service-suite adds high-margin services like Personalized URLs, Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB), Landing Pages, etc. to your business.
  8. It also opens doors to new relationships and enables you to reach out to a wider customer base.
  9. Adding Cross-Media lets you grow your business without changing your business model, purchasing new hardware or hiring additional staff.
  10. Your customers are looking for it.

Okay? Now, go! go! go!

img: wikicommons

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