Personalized URLs for retail marketers

How to Wear Your PURLs: Retail Edition

Personalized URLs for retail marketers

Personalized URLs are the number one way to engage your shoppers and turn them into loyal customers.

Want to use personalized URLs (PURLs) to boost your retail sales, but have no idea where to put them?

Here are 10 perfect places places to start:

  1. Customer-appreciation letters
  2. Promotional postcards
  3. Loyalty-program recruitment mailings
  4. Loyalty-program membership cards
  5. Corporate credit-card recruitment mailings
  6. Corporate credit cards
  7. Credit-card statements
  8. Seasonal savings passes
  9. Private-shopping-event invitations
  10. Customer-survey mailings

To learn more about how Easypurl’s personalized-URL technology, dynamic landing pages and other multichannel-marketing tools can help you to boost your company’s ROI and bring your marketing efforts into the world of integrated integrated marketing, contact us today!

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