Why Personalization is Key in Education Marketing


Easypurl’s Education PURL not only delivers a highly-personalized student experience but allows you to track student activity on an individual level.

Every student wants to feel wanted for the individual personalities, knowledge sets and experiences that they bring to the academic table. Responsible marketers, in turn, need to treat them that way. Take the time to establish a rapport at the outset of your recruitment outreach, and start a conversation that’ll last a lifetime.

2. College is the beginning of a story.

Marketing for higher education is all about letting the student see themselves as part of your institution’s story — or, on the flipside, to propose its potential role in theirs. Positioning their names side-by-side with your school’s brand via personalized URLs (PURLs) and bridging the gap between their needs and interests and your school’s value proposition (via content customization on dynamic landing pages) keep you and your prospective students on the same page — literally.

3. There is no umbrella solution for education-marketing strategy.

Just like there is no one way to learn, there is no right way to engage. But with Easypurl’s personalized URL (PURL) technology, you can use real-time target analytics to track educational PURL and marketing-communication engagement down to the individual-target level. Best of all, you can instantly tweak campaign details accordingly to maximize marketing efficiency and effectiveness and make every communication feel organic.

Personalization and education are a match made in marketing heaven.

To learn more about how Easypurl’s personalized URLs, dynamic lading pages and real-time target analytics can take your student recruitment and outreach to the next level, request a free trial today!

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