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Announcing Inbound Call Tracking with Easypurl – Connect Calls to Your Campaigns


Connect Calls to Your Campaigns with Easypurl


What is Call Tracking?

Easypurl is excited to unveil our latest integrated feature, Call Tracking. With Call Tracking, you can use phone numbers as an inbound communication channel in your marketing campaigns – direct mail, email, SMS, social or anything you want – and track, analyze and manage the responses. Call Tracking is fully integrated within the Easypurl platform.

What are the benefits of Call Tracking?

See what campaigns or channels are getting the best conversion: Determine ROI, peak engagement hours, highest response demographic data and much more.

Quick decision-making: All data is available to see and use in real time to streamline your workflow.

Plan for the future: Call tracking reporting will identify your campaign’s strengths, weaknesses and other notes of interest to help improve your future campaign strategy.

Get detailed stats and reporting: Let Easypurl handle your data for you so you can spend time on making important decisions about content and strategy.

What are Easypurl’s Call Tracking capabilities?

Here are but just a few:

  • Instant phone number generation
  • Phone numbers with local area codes or phone numbers
  • Call playback available 24/7
  • Alerts to notify you about campaign updates
  • Data available in real time
  • Robust analytics dashboard to gather, crunch and graph your data for you
  • No advanced IT skills required whatsoever!

How can I learn more?

Request a demo here!

Or contact us here!

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