Right on Target: How PURLs and Dynamic Landing Pages Help Nonprofits Meet Fundraising Goals

PURLs and Landing Pages Help Nonprofits Meet Their Fundraising Goals!

PURLs and Landing Pages Help Nonprofits Meet Their Fundraising Goals!

Despite the last few years’ challenging fundraising environment, Easypurl has been helping nonprofits meet their donation targets by boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of their fundraising campaigns with personalized URLs (PURLs) and dynamic landing pages.

When used in conjunction with traditional direct marketing channels such as personalized email or direct mail, personalized URLs lure donors back and help recruit new donors, as well. In Easypurl, nonprofit marketers use personalized URLs and dynamic landing pages along with our advanced database-profiling system, which utilizes variables such as donation amounts and frequency, to drive highly targeted marketing communications. This ensures that your appeal reaches the right donors at the right time with the right message, increasing your chances of fundraising success.

Using Personalized URLs (PURLs) and Dynamic Landing Pages for Nonprofits

So how exactly are nonprofits getting results with Easypurl?

By printing a Personalized URL (PURL) on any communication (postcards, brochures, thank-you notes, and more), marketers can lead new or returning donors to personalized, dynamic landing pages whose web addresses feature the names of both your recipient and your organization. By making prospective and returning donors feel as if they are being addressed directly, nonprofit marketers can hold effective 1:1 conversations — and drive repeat donations.

The Call to Donate: Landing Pages for Fundraising Campaigns

Each custom PURL or QR code in your fundraising campaign brings potential and repeat donors to dynamic landing pages that act as customized “donor portals.”

This PURL-landing page combination maximizes your chances of successfully recruiting donors by cultivating a sense of loyalty. For example, messaging can be customized based on the recency and magnitude of the donor‘s past giving. Major donors could consider higher donation ranges for impact, while minor or infrequent donors may be asked more often for smaller donations.

Plus, the outcomes of your multichannel PURL campaign are available in real-time from a unified reports dashboard, allowing you to keep a close eye on giving trends down to the level of the individual so that you can get a complete view of your results — adjust your fundraising efforts accordingly.

Permanent PURLS and Marketing Automation for Nonprofits

Easypurl also offers the option of “permanent” PURLs — personalized URLs that last for the lifetime of a client or donor. When used in conjunction with marketing automation in the nonprofit sector, permanent PURLs can work marketing miracles for your nonprofit organization.

For example, nonprofits using Easypurl are familiar with the reports dashboard that presents a lifelong view of an individual’s giving trends. But, what if, in the course of a few clicks, you could program your nonprofit-marketing activities to intuitively respond to twists and turns in donor activity?

By utilizing Easypurl’s marketing automation and establishing set communication outcomes to predetermined triggers (such as logging into the PURL portal, reading an email, or making a donation of a set amount), nonprofits can create highly targeted donor communications, maximizing marketing efficiency and achieving more potent donor-recruitment results.

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