Why Pricing Marketing Campaigns Is Like Raising Kids…


So why is pricing a marketing campaign like raising children?

If you work at an agency or printer – or, if you are enterprise marketer who has worked with an agency or printer – you know that marketing campaigns are a lot like kids: Each one requires special attention, no two are the same and while the first one is the hardest, it gets easier the next time around.

To price a cross media campaign, you first need to determine the setup costs and transactional costs. Setup costs are incurred each time a campaign is processed. That refers to the materials, technology and resources that go into getting the campaign up and running.

Transactional costs of a cross media campaign will include distribution costs like PURLs, email services, and intelligent mail barcodes.

While transactional costs increase with the volume of a campaign, setup costs increase with the complexity of a campaign. So a simple PURL campaign will cost less than an elaborate one with multiple landing pages, email triggers, advanced web-design technologies like Flash, JavaScript, etc. A recurring campaign will have lower setup costs, as costs are amortized over multiple instances.

So before you price your campaign, consider both these costs. This means that no two campaigns can be priced in the exact same way, but it does not mean that every campaign will require a convoluted pricing process. Once you move away from the cost-per-piece approach, and price a couple of cross media campaigns, it will all be second nature to you. We promise!

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