Inbound SMS Marketing


Easypurl is proud to announce its newest innovative feature, Inbound SMS Marketing – an effective medium for engaging with leads on a personal level. Take advantage of our industry-leading technology and get the most out of your campaigns!

Not everyone has immediate or quality access to the Internet and therefore it makes sense to add additional response options such as text messaging to your direct marketing communications.

SMS can drastically enhance your campaign performance by presenting your campaign targets with a simple and concise way to respond.

By providing your targets with SMS as a response option, you can:

1) Achieve a greater response rate
2) Easily capture cell phone numbers to build a marketing database
3) Provide your targets with an option to respond even if they do not have internet access
4) Instantly respond to your targets via SMS with additional helpful information and links via auto-responders
5) Provide sales teams with immediate access to inquiries for efficient follow-ups

Enjoying up to 90 % read rates, SMS marketing messages are read within minutes, guaranteeing faster communication.

Easypurl’s inbound SMS technology includes the following features:
– Access to a unique or shared short code for your user
– Personalized keywords that are memorable and easy to type
– White-labeled to your organization
– Integrated into the existing Easypurl platform for seamless use
– Auto-responders can include PURLs that will direct user to personalized follow-ups
– Affordable pricing that will not break the bank
– Detailed reporting on performance of your inbound SMS campaigns all in a single unified dashboard

If you’d like to take the next step and learn more about Inbound SMS Marketing, call us on (866) 463 7671, or email

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